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Are you considering a face lift? Do you believe that Botox, Restalyn, Collagen Procedure, or Laser Treatments can rejuvenate your body? Are you trying to lose inches or tighten your skin? HGC Body Wrap can help you lose 6-12 inches in about an hour. Avoid the pain and expense of the other treatments and try this natural way of losing inches and tightening your skin.


The HGC Body Wrap Process

Below you will see a visual guide of how a body wrap is applied. We can always answer any questions you may have about this process.

wrap1 wrap2 wrap3

A trained wrap consultant wraps the client in ace bandages soaked in our unique solutions, visibly contouring the body with each placement of the porous bandages.

wrap1 wrap2 wrap3

The unique method used in applying the soaked bandages is designed to help visibly shape or contour the body with tension applied to specific areas throughout the wrap.

wrap1 wrap2 wrap3

Our Wrap consultants are trained to apply bandages with a specific purpose, to help visibly reduce, lift and tone different areas of the body.

wrap1 wrap2 wrap3

Once the client is fully wrapped, they are "covered" all over with our exclusive solution. A "poncho-like" garment is applied to help retain the body's natural heat. After about an hour, the wraps are removed and you feel and look amazing!

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